Build Well, Live Well

The road to a healthy home

Having noticed a vast proportion of the existing buildings underperforming, not properly insulated, affected by damp and with inadequate ventilation, we created the Build Well, Live Well concept, intended as our small contribution to repairing the Built and Natural Environment.

Being competent in Conservation and Passivhaus design we are able to get the best of both worlds, with lessons learned from traditional buildings and smart application of new technologies.

Through Build Well, Live Well we promote more natural and truly sustainable solutions with similar performance, aiming to address any harm to the occupants’ physical and mental health.

As some of the technology is recent, we collect regular data from our Build Well, Live Well projects in use and we are delighted to see the excellent feedback from our clients.


Visual Comfort
Natural light, outside views captured, natural colours preferred


Air Quality
Mould-free environment, no damp, breathable construction, ventilation


Noise reduction
Acoustic insulation against outside noise and inside between rooms


Natural feel
Use of natural fibres aiming to bring the nature inside